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  • November 24, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

    Oud or agarwood, the provocative fragrance note has been solidly trending for the last three years. The demand for this enticing scent has cemented oud’s place in both mainstream and niche perfumes.

    Oud is derived from the Southeast Asian Agarwood tree, which forms a dark resin in order to protect itself from a specific strain of mold. Oud is then extracted from the resin, and blended into the heartwood.

    Perfect for cold weather, oud has a distinctively woody, slightly animalic and rich scent. Oud’s warmth adds a whole new depth when combined with floral or spicy notes.

    Now that we’ve got your interest piqued, take a look at these winter-perfect oud fragrances to try out:

    If you’re looking to take baby steps with oud fragrances, try DHARWAH for a sensual fragrance that’s framed by a light, flirty raspberry note as well as incense. The fragrance also features Amber, Musk, Patchouli that marries deliciously with the incense to create a mysterious, lingering scent.

    Lovers of gourmand wood spiced with oriental notes will revel in Oud when they spritz SHAGHAF OUD. SwissArabin pairs oud with saffron, praline and vanilla. It’s woody and the yet sweet gourmand note heightens this unisex vibe.

    Characterized by a strong smoked woody scent, oud is naturally quite masculine, but SwissArabian’s perfumers paired this dominant note with earthy pepper note as well as rose to counter balance and deliver a scent with strong unisex indication and a floral/woody undertone. Musk and Amber’s clean, crisp and powdery depth surround the oud note in the base, and prevent it from being overpowering.