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  • July 08, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

    Bid farewell to the woodsy, earthy fragrances you spritzed on those cooler days. It is the summer now, and your perfume wardrobe is over due for an update if you have not done so already. As you're dusting off your espadrilles and shimmying into your favorite sundress, reach for fresh citruses, florals, and other sparkling, zesty notes to wear on your escapades in the sun, salt, and sand. Ahead, shop our bet fragrances that fit the bill.

    1. Nouf Eau de Parfum

    It comes as no surprise that Nouf finds its place in this list. It is perhaps one of the best perfumes available in the market. This fragrance has a Lemon, Bergamot and Grapefruit notes which are blended perfectly with Amber and Pepper to instantly remind you of the warmth of somewhere lovely.

    While the bottle may not suggest it, NOUF is a gender-neutral fragrance that is widely used by men who seek a fresh peppery scent.

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    2. Florence Eau de Parfum

    Our perfumer had a very specific image in mind. He pictured a girl walking down the street, looking ever so confident and in her element. He wanted to capture that feeling in a perfume, which is exactly what this perfume is. It has a floral and fresh scent that opens with a fizzy duo of bergamot and lemon and has a hint of pure musk. Perfect for a day out in the sun!

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    3. Shaghaf Eau de Parfum for Women

    This screams summer in the warm beaches of California. When you spray it, the first thing that will hit you is the Lime and Lemon burst along with hints of Peony and just the slight tanginess of Apple. It is also blended with other explosive scents like Cedar and Musk. It’s the tropical vibe of this Parfum that will enhance an optimistic attitude and make a great daily wear scent, especially in warm weather.

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    4. Edge Intense Eau de Parfum for Women

    Picture a garden of roses, apples and tangerine in the early morning with the background scent of all the lush greens. They’re surrounded by other shrubbery and if you look further ahead, you can see the forest. Now, imagine all of this in a bottle, because that’s exactly what this perfume is.

    It heart notes of magnolia, freesia and peony blend ever so wonderfully with its rich musk and sandalwood base giving that floral woody aura for the sensual woman. An ideal option for both everyday wear and special occasions.

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    5. Faith Eau de Parfum for Women

    If you’re into fruity, floral and sweet scents, then this one is for you. It’s a twist on the concept of playful fruity fragrances which has been refined in to a classic mature wearing one. The first thing you’d notice when you spray this is the burst of Mango, Papaya and Pineapple. You would also get a whiff of bright Peach and Lemon. However, it is the base Coconut, Sandalwood and Hibiscus notes of this niche fragrance that escapes in to an expression of optimism and a feeling of utter happiness. Faith will wrap you in a scent that will put you in a great mood all day long!

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    6. Valencia Eau de Parfum

    With hints of Apple, Lemon, the spice of Bergamot combined with the enchanting fragrances of damask rose and sandalwood, this perfume has the perfect elements of elegance coupled with a fresh appeal. It’s a must try if you like spices and the earthy feel that it comes with.

    Valencia offers much more than the sum of its parts, its light heart notes keeps you in Spring despite it being Summer. It’s the Mediterranean vibe of this parfum that men and women will love since it’s gender neutral.

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    7. Alchemy for Her ♀️ 

    This list would not be complete till it has something from our Artisan Corner, and here it is! When you get a whiff of this amazing scent, you’ll be entranced, as it personifies a confident bold and sexy woman who knows what she wants. In this artianal perfume oil blend, you’d find traces of Venezuelan Tonka Bean with bursts of citrus orange combined with the elegance of Grasse Rose.

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    Not sure summer perfume is the right one for you? We’d recommend ordering a few samples of perfume from these recommendations. This provides the perfect opportunity to apply them at various times of the day, to see whether you like them or not.