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    Immerse yourself in the distinguished aura of WAFI by ALRIYAD (Special Edition), a fragrance that encapsulates the epitome of high status and prominence. Crafted with the finest ingredients for the modern man, WAFI opens with the luxurious depth of agarwood (oud) and the vibrancy of saffron, setting a tone of unparalleled distinction. The heart of the fragrance is a sophisticated blend of sandalwood, amber, and musk, inviting you into its dark, velvet woods. It culminates in a robust base of tobacco and leather, offering a signature that is both memorably masculine and endlessly refined. Suitable for all seasons, including cooler summer nights, WAFI is the scent of class for the discerning gentleman​​.

    • Luxurious Blend of Oud and Saffron: Opens with the richness of agarwood and the exotic spice of saffron for a distinguished introduction.
    • Sophisticated Heart: Middle notes of sandalwood, amber, and musk create a warm and inviting core.
    • Masculine Base: A strong foundation of tobacco and leather defines its uniquely masculine touch.
    • All-Season Versatility: Ideal for men across all seasons, perfect for cooler summer nights.
    Olfactory Profile:
    • Top Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Saffron
    • Middle Notes: Olibanum, Caraway
    • Base Notes: Tobacco, Leather, Labdanum

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